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Over 26 years experience ensuring compliance in commercial real estate transactions, and commercial, residential and industrial development.
The Citadel, B.S.  1986
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Clemson, M.S.  2014
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Phase 1 ESA for Expansion Loan
"SRC's turnaround time on projects is unmatched.  This is my go-to consultant when I need things done correctly and in a hurry."
-Rick Stanland, Palmetto Bank 

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
Phase III Environmental Site Assessments
Wetland Delineations
Property Condition Assessments and Reports
Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
Environmental Liability 
Commercial real estate development faces increasing environmental liability due to new and revised regulatory requirements.  

Recently, new standards requiring “All Appropriate Inquiry” for Phase 1 ESA’s were implemented.  Without AAI, the Phase 1 ESA will not fulfill the due diligence clause of the “innocent landowner defense” and “bona fide prospective buyer” clause.

This is just one example of the complications sellers, developers, buyers, and lenders face.  SRC has years of experience in helping a diversified list of clients maintain compliance and reduce liability.
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